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    Welcome to MLA Commons!

    We’re thrilled to have you join us here at MLA Commons, an in-development network linking members of the Modern Language Association. Our hope is that MLA Commons will facilitate the development of new forms of scholarly communication and support scholars in creating, aggregating, editing, and evaluating academic writing online.

    If you already have an account, here are a few things you might do:

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    An Open Discussion of MLA Forum Structure

    Thank you for your comments on a revised draft proposal regarding the structure of MLA forums. Members also discussed the proposal at an open hearing and at an open discussion of the Delegate Assembly in Chicago. Comments are now closed.

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    Presidential Forum Published in Profession

    Presentations from the 2014 Presidential Forum, “Vulnerable Times,” are now available in Profession. Introduced by Marianne Hirsch, the essays by Ariella Azoulay, Judith Butler, David L. Eng, Rob Nixon, and Diana Taylor examine environmental, political, and economic vulnerabilities and assert the possibility for resistance that stems from them. Profession may be read for free by all; to comment, log in to MLA […]

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  • Read presentations from the 2014 Presidential Forum, “Vulnerable Times,” in Profession.
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